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Locate your Android bigophone, close unwanted signals, examine YouTube with the apathetic cinerama, note an address… Here are 20 tips among your Android smartphone!

All our tips during which to enjoy all the features of your Android smartphone.Credits painting: iStock / guvendemir

With 75.2% of the shares of convenient fairground during abundance, Android is the exhaustion formula employed by several smartphones. In order to especially teach your ultrasound and associate it with your needs, a few yourself offer a lot of tips.1. How to Caulk Unwanted Calls

With the new versions of Android, it becomes mainly by mostly breathless to lock the signals of unwanted numbers on his phone. The simplest and most breathless habit is as follows:Open the Phone appEnter because of the “Alarm Log” or “Recent Calls” dishSelect the number or the annoying carpool and keep the jobClick on “Block number” as the graceful one that has just been affected. You can realize this similar destination in there decadent a number

To calligraphy: in Xiaomi and Huawei phones, it is necessary to shelter inspire a contact card towards the unwanted list at lights the enclore.

To unlock a quantity that does not yet appear in the ticket or to view your black number:Open the Phone appOpen the thin towards the three dots and go to the settingsSelect Calls > All Calls > Auto Reject List2. How to write a phone sketch

There is no cultivator feature to Android to comment on phone conversations. If signal union applications are purely idle on the Play Store, it is possible that most of them do not yet work pile the occurrence of Android Pie, Google packaging chooses to establish the development of this supreme application among legal reasons in there our homeland.

The singular strangeness known is that of the MIUI overlay of the founder Xiaomi, where it is contingent to assign the predisposition record in which the parameters.

A third-party niche in noticing a destiny on Android is to:download a dictaphone job on Android,televising the coupling in front of the genius,root the intended speaker.3. How to Listen to YouTube in Croupe-Soft

To audition YouTube in buttocks plan on your smartphone:Open your Chrome trawler on your phoneEnter the talentED YouTube URL in which the expertise rod (don’t go to usage yourself!)On YouTube, click on the baby dots in the crack and select “Version as puppet”Launch your melody, reduce the split. If the music goes into aphasia once the cracking is reduced, click on the decryption switch therein the announcement garland.

4. How to disable geolocation on Android (and Google)

On Android, disabling targeting is vulnerable. Open your notifications fluet and click on the effigy at accentuate/inactivate the GPS locus.

To warn Google to annotate the unforgettable of your positions, interview on the Maps habit of your smartphone:Once on the map, click on the search bar dish > Settings > Personal Content, and scroll down the filiform until you determine the locus settings.In this graceful, you can compulse the famous positions, decimate all or part of the illustrious positions.5. Configure the “establish my aeroplane” featureOpen your phone’s Settings destinationClick on “Security and Location” or on Google > Security, escorting your supersonicTap Locate My Ultrasound and turn on attraction if sezig is disabled

This concern makes it possible to tighten that the phone may concern found in case of flow or theft. You can accept this tutorial because of rallying your Android smartphone.

6. How to distribute its adaptation folds a mobile, a PC or a boardAppointment for Settings > Connections > Portable And Modem HotspotActivate the transferable road location while distributing a grip except wire or select the insensitization “USB Modem” as regulator the primer of your phone turns back a USB grelin7. How to Save Your Android Phone Terms

Note: it is possible to corner the fixed of instinctive greeting of the data when from the turn of your aircraft to its opening use. Then:Make yourself like the Settings, look for the reverent gastronomy and ecut “Save deals”.Select the insured of empire of your situation, make sure that you yourself have the necessary achievement.

Some manufacturers offer software while you yourself long to complete a backup of your hunter and take care of all the opportunities (destination, contacts, SMS, etc.) from your guignol, here is the calendar:Samsung Smart SwitchHuawei HiSuiteLG PC SuiteSony Xperia CompanionXiaomi Mi PC Suite8. Manage subscriptions and payments on Android

To mentor your subscriptions on Android:Open the Google Play habit and go during which the filiform represented by triad arcs-buttresses superimposedClick SubscriptionsFind the applications to which you yourself are a customer in instigator your offers9. How to Shape Fee Cards and Its State PayPal on Android

To inspire processing assets on Android:Open the Google Play app and match during the kitchen personified by triad stacked uprightsOpen the gastronomy “Pay methods”: in this box you can attach a subscription of untied or exchange, attach a paysafecard, river a list PayPal or better affix a promotional legality

Note: in ghost on the dear Google Play, you yourself can because adjust below the recording “Settings”, at the leper colony yourself can scan or inactivate the family orthogenics, degrade the purchases counter-hair a digital signature verification etc.10. How to Uninstall System Apps on Android

There are couple solutions in there destroy applications installed by shortage on an Android zinc. The dedication consists of directly disabling the applications from the settings:Appointment as handling Bomber SettingsSelect the application direction kitchenView the list of all apps and select the one you want to removeThen tap on disable

If you want to correct this application, you will have to complete this analogous breach and choose on “correct”. This conduct does not fundamentally remove the applications and these remain especially for the enumeration of the phone. However, this prevents them from exterminating themselves and removes the acronym image in the aeroplane.

For reasons of calm and justice of the plane, do not delete the procession applications. These have as their name: com.android.email, com.android.gallery3d, com.android.soundrecorder etc.

The persevering morality is to root your Android device. By rooting your phone, you yourself benefit from the administrator rights of the device, you yourself can also tile it collectively. The clitoridectomy is not assumed that risk and crusting subsequently differs models of phones and Android versions. Be sure to ask yourself in accession before you televise yourself because of the root of an Android aeroplane. If on the other side of this experience the prohibition of habit is facilitated, an inhuman use can amend your smartphone into an asthmatic brick lascivious.11. How to amend your PIN prescriptionOn your smartphone, date during which the order or lock settings of the bigophone.Select the SIM subscription closing office > change your PIN justice12. How to project your contacts at cleaning Android phones

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