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The more advanced the technology, the faster the change in smartphone features using high specifications. In the past, when the new smartphone era began, it took 2 to 3 years for gadget makers to launch a new type of smartphone. But now, almost every year can appear a new type of smartphone with a variety of features that make it easier for everyday life. For those of you who feel the features on your PHONE are relatively “old school”, and need to upgrade it immediately, you can credit your phone online, or take advantage of other smart ways such as below!

1. Hunting for cheap gadgets during promos

In addition to making it easier for citizens to buy goods, e-commerce also often shows cheaper prices than conventional stores. Not to mention a number of e-commerce often work together using gadget vendors to provide promos & bonuses. In order for permanent expenses, diligently monitor the promo that is being held.

Let it be more profitable to buy gadgets, just use a credit card. For information, credit cards have cooperated with a number of e-commerce in providing exclusive discounts as well as special cashback on gadget purchases. For those of you who do not have a credit card, through cermati.com you are able to find a synchronous credit card, check the applicable promo as well as make a card application. All of them can be accessed online & perdeo.

In addition, take advantage of big moments such as Independence Day, or National Online Shopping Day is also effective to receive grand discounts. If you are lucky, you can receive discounts of up to half the price, you know.

2. Buy a smartphone distributor guarantee

If you are limited in funds to buy a new smartphone but can’t wait for a promo, buying a smartphone using a distributor guarantee can be a solution. Smartphone warranty distributors are generally priced below the market price. But the drawback, the distributor warranty is an unofficial warranty, because the smartphone manufacturer does not cooperate exclusively using a vendor to serve as a service center. But that doesn’t mean the goods sold are fakes. The only difference is that you are not able to guarantee a warranty in an official service center.

3. Exchange more with old smartphones

Instead of an old smartphone lying dormant when there is a new one, you better sell it. If your old smartphone is not very old school, and still in good condition, do not rule out the possibility of still being estimated using high prices. You can sell it first on an application that emphasizes buying and selling secondhand goods. Currently there are also many trade-in programs from a number of smartphone vendors as well as telecommunication providers so you do not have to bother anymore if you want to replace smartphones with the same brand.

4. Choose a used smartphone

Compared to smartphones in the entry level or middle class class, flagship class smartphones are usually most often updated. Call it Samsung with the Galaxy S series, or LG with its G series. Almost every year smartphone manufacturers launch the latest series according to their flagship class, as a result the features on it are also not much updated. However, they often sell the flagship series using the most expensive price compared to other classes. For that, try to consider buying a “used” flagship smartphone that is not so old. Compared to buying a Samsung Galaxy S9, you can choose the S8 which is much cheaper. After all, the features in it are still fairly qualified, and the design is still very interesting.

5. Take advantage of installment facilities

As cheap as possible, the price of a smartphone device is undoubtedly in the range of millions of rupiah. Especially for those with high specifications, the price is even able to reach tens of millions. For that, say whatever you are, do not let your cash flow be disrupted because you buy a new smartphone. Take advantage of online mobile credit facilities so that you pay for it more lightly, one of them, through Kredivo. The credit limit given by Kredivo reaches Rp 20 million, as a result you can not only credit mobile phones online, but also other goods credit, ranging from daily needs, to airline tickets. Interest in Kredivo is lowest up to 50% compared to similar companies, and the installment period also varies, up to 12 months without a down payment. 

Buying a new smartphone: make sure you really need it

Whichever way to choose, one thing to do before buying a new smartphone is to ask yourself: Do you really need a new smartphone? Have other, more important needs been met? Start wisely on managing finances, do not let you just meet expectations, and instead sacrifice your basic needs.

This article is a collaboration between Kredivo &Cermati. Are you looking for other facts?

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