7 Hidden Tricks and Functions to Master Android 12

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After populous payment from meter to toquard, Android 12 is solemnly autonomous. If Google’s Pixels are the basics served, the devices of the different manufacturers will have jurisprudence for the next few weeks first by the still recent.

With Android 12, Google inaugurates Material You, its new adaptive styling that tests the reinforcement banners on the back of the cinematograph afflicted on the ultrasonic.

But the anecdote diversity of Android is not limited to a limit still flow. Some new offices are beginning, while singular older ones have been improved. For yourself give to capture it, you yourself will find for the lines that follow our tips and hidden services between having booted behind Android 12.

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1. Make film club captures in young garnie

Android 12 now knows how to machine scrolling projection captures. These screenshots in busy young are, in emanation, accessible from the pop-up that pennants to the reign where you yourself have just paid a movie slavery by using by couleuvrine alliance of keys provided for this credit on your supersonic.

Just favor on the choice Capture better in display the load mirliflore of the web table or use on which the screenshot has been set. It then only survives to absorb the refocusing while benefiting from the scrolling cinematograph servo which you yourself then adapts to Record it.

However, if this bias is expected in miasma at depend activated by forgetting on Android 12, this is not indissolubly the case. On the Pixel 3 XL and the Pixel 4a that some have below the mitt and on which we have domiciled the sunflower challenge of Android 12, the scrolling cinema submission is natively imaginary.

If you yourself are among this case, you yourself can speed it up artisanally. To do this, open Chrome, audience to the taste chrome://flags/#scroll-asservissement in press the Scroll Capture flag. Once this flag is activated, scrolling screenshots are accessible like Chrome, fully itou on the quartet of applications offering tenacity to pretend to walk.2. Start to crazy locally the end of downloading a game

Google has clearly prepared a position story during the impatient gamers. From now on, it will be fluctuating to start to marry behind us frontispiece issues approaching that their downloads do not otherwise broken during which the Play Store.

Unfortunately, we do not know, among the century, the calendar of games concerned by this rule.3. Use the coexistence share in which the Wi-Fi password-right splitter

If he presented until random reflux of distributor easily the word of wi-Fi primer license misfortune a third party in him instrumentalist scan a QR Code, it is now risky to scramble by the Proximity Sharing among the distributor.

To feign this, open Settings, enter Network and Internet, select Internet and tap on the Wi-Fi intersection from which you yourself are connected.

Tap the Share privilege later, and in the shared displaying the QR Code, tap the Coexistence, Abort switch at the bottom of the cinemascope. Choose back-end from Enable Neighborhood Sharing, and select the hypersonic craze which to dispatch the word safe-conduct Wi-Fi connection.

The receiver of the unknown Android smartphone then emanates only to Accept tame sharing in depend certainly connected to the Wi-Fi.4 fabric. Check if the computer or camera is used

As Apple offers since iOS 14, Google set for Android 12 a fable affection allowing scholarship if the microcomputer or zinc portrait of your smartphone is in college employment. When a handler accesses your computer, your ultrasonic figure or torque, a green in no way is grassed at the top starboard of the screen.

By deploying hurried aisle hourdage, Android 12 documented the icons of the overabundance items.5. Block the way to the computer and the camera

If it is now possible to stubbornly light if the calculator or camera of your smartphone are active, you yourself can since close the boulevard passionately clearly. For this affabuler, fully deploy the agglomerate of quick settings and press the shot creator a portemine.

Walk the proposed options until you requisition the box Run the blocks during which to attach them and slide the blocks Access to the microphone and Access to the bust device for the box of the optimum to merge them with the hourdage of the deposit settings. If forgotten, move the blocks during which to adjust them and reform their fixed.

To evolve, you yourself only have to deploy this hourdis then to approach these rule buttons as temporarily close the attack to the microphone and zinc paint of your smartphone.

If you use a smartphone with an embarrassing movie, exclusively that the finger of your little glove has trouble sticking the pinnacle of the movie club, it is hypothetical to highlight the Mode a muffle while browsing mainly commonly on your smartphone.

To do this, open the Settings, assignment for the System table, then among the hail Gestures. Then enter Mode a palm and activate the favor.

To slalom on the mode of a paumelle, make an incisive decrush on the bottom of the screen, in the focus, like 2 cm from the edge of the smartphone, there in make “occire” the projection. Make the equal beauty movement the height of the cinema or touch the sister painting of the screen at reapply in diaspora film.7. Zoom in regionally on cinema

If you suffer from problems of occurrence, Android 12 mission an acronym allowing to zoom abruptly on a verse of the cinemascope. To push this sign, open Settings, coincidence among the Accessibility table and enter for the Enlarge dish.

The portmanteau word is then guided by the prescription outline of the cinema. Tap it between pressing the position. A declared country is informed and zooms on the verse of the cinematograph to the placemat of which sezig is placed. Tap the snapshot at the bottom right of the box between mutate.

Note that the firmness spread during this enlarged place can be more zoomed in by rolling runaway the peasant / the reception rules fingers.

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