7 Tricks to Overcome Smartphones That Can Not Be Charged

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Like gadgets, smartphones and all their contents have a ‘heyday’. When first purchased, surely the performance of the smartphone will be fine. But when it is often used or the age of use is more based on a year, then the smartphone performance will start to fall and there are problems that exist. One of them is on the battery side.

Smartphone battery problems that most often occur when it is outdated are used generally around not being able to charge alias recharged. If you have experienced this problem, do not rush to buy a new smartphone. Try to overcome using the exact tricks that IDN Times has prepared the following. The first trick, check the resources before charging.

Sounds trivial anyway, but generally guys trouble charging is caused by electrical resources that are not in sync with smartphones. Make sure the power source used, adequate or not. If it turns out to be lower than the number listed on the adapter then it makes sense if your smartphone is not able to charge.

In addition, recharging the smartphone using low power sources will make the smartphone battery quickly damaged. Therefore, mending avoid charging in any place such as through a USB plug laptop or PC. The second trick, you can try checking your charger cable. Who knows if it’s broken!

Yes, before rushing to change smartphones because they can be charged try to check your smartphone’s charge cable. Who understands the cable to charge it damaged the inside, as a result of which makes electricity unable to be channeled properly to the smartphone.

If you use a charger cable that is not genuine, it can be the culprit. Because it is not original, it can be a material according to cables not in sync with smartphones. In the end, make a smartphone can not charge even though the cable you use is relatively new but fake. The third trick, remember check the charger adapter as well!

In addition to cables, charger adapters can also be an excuse if the smartphone can not be charged. This problem usually arises, if you use a charger adapter that does not fit alias not built-in factory. To solve this, try using a built-in smartphone charger adapter. But if you are still unable to charge anyway, it means you must use a charger adapter with a larger ampere.

Viral: This Video Leaks a Practical Way to Make a Wireless Charger, Want to Try? 4. Fourth trick, you can check the USB port of the smartphone. What the other?

Sounds trivial, doesn’t it? Even though the damage can occur in the USB port of the smartphone so that it causes unable to charge. Yes, old smartphones are very vulnerable to dirty and the USB port part is generally the most missed according to maintenance. If not cleaned properly, dust can accumulate and block the smartphone battery charging process.

The solution to this is not lazy to clean the smartphone, especially the USB port. The trick is to use blowing-niup or use a smooth sheet of tissue to clean the USB port. The fifth trick, you are able to calibrate the battery

This trick can be done to prevent or if there have been indications of smartphone batteries starting to soak. How to calibrate the smartphone battery is very easy, it only takes full patience. In the beginning, you stay the smartphone’s full 100% charge in a state of death.

After that, try turning it on again with your smartphone & charge again to the full. After that use a smartphone for anything until the battery condition is validly exhausted. If it has run out and died let first 10-15 min & now charge your smartphone to full in a state of death. Don’t turn it on until it’s full!

If the above tricks you have done then officially your smartphone battery has been calibrated manually. The sixth trick, you are able to downgrade your smartphone OS.

This method is only successfully done if the case of charging the battery due to the non-suitability of the smartphone with the OS offered by Android using your smartphone. This problem is also commonly experienced by outdated smartphones that are forced to carry the modern Android OS. For that, downgrade alias lowering the Android OS can be a way to be tricked even though it is actually very risky to holistic smartphone performance. The seventh & final trick is to try the desktop charger.

The last trick that can be done to overcome a smartphone that can not be charged is to use a desktop charger. The smartphone problem can’t be recharged so it’s solved! Just keep in mind yes guys, this way only works if your smartphone carries a removable battery.

Well, that’s seven tricks to overcome smartphone batteries that can not be charged. It definitely works and you don’t need to quickly buy a new smartphone right! But if you can THR later before Lebaran can buy a cool and cheap new smartphone.

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