7 Tricks to Record Video from HP, Results Like An Expert or Pro

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Smartphones as our mainstay in capturing crucial moments in our lives. Therefore, the camera as an important feature for shooting & recording video.

However, some people can’t operate a camera to record video using either. So, the results look amateurish & careless.

In fact, everyone is able to record video using well if they understand the basics. To look professional &proficient, learn more here! Do not record video in a vertical position


Hayo ngaku, who has this habit? Usually, we record videos in a vertical position to make it easy when uploaded on Instagram or WhatsApp Stories.

Vertical video does look beautiful on smartphones, but not on other devices. Personal computer screens, televisions and website displays have a landscape view aka horizontal.

So, videos recorded in a vertical position will not look awesome on other devices. Vertical video will look narrow, mini and have a wide focus coverage.

Therefore, you need to get used to recording video in a horizontal position. Let it be nice to note that one day this video was uploaded to YouTube! Use a tripod to make the results more stable

Not much the same using DSLR and mirrorless cameras, you also need a tripod for smartphones. Moreover, if you want to record a certain video, such as a timelapse or video blog (vlog). There are several types of tripods available in the market, such as tripods using legs that can be folded and tripods using flexible legs, such as gorillapods.

Not only that, there are also tablepods, tripods use tiny feet and suitable to be placed on a flat surface such as a table, explained the Android Authority page. Tripods are very useful for making permanent videos stable and without shaking. In addition, you don’t have to bother holding it using your hands. Anti fatigue & anti achy! three. Manually focus key, so that the point of emphasis on non-moving video

Smartphones can detect points of emphasis and adjust exposure automatically. This feature is useful for reaching into photos quickly, but will be annoying when applied to record video. If there is little movement, the smartphone will readjust the exposure & focal point. So, what effect does it have on video?

Sometimes, the video will blur & too clear or too dark by itself. Therefore, it is better to lock the emphasis point manually, advises the University of St Andrews page. The trick is to tap the screen in the part you want, then the locked padlock icon will appear. With this, the focus of the non-focus will move to another point. Do not use digital zoom.

Do not try to record video and then zoom in, unless your smartphone Huawei P30 Pro has 5x optical zoom. The average zoom on a smartphone camera is digital zoom, not optical zoom. Raising objects with digital zoom will only create results as broken, pixelated, not visually appealing and lacking emphasis.

If you want to raise an object on video, there’s nothing you can do but walk instead. Better, walk closer to the object & record closer so as not to interfere with the quality of the video obtained. This type of smartphone camera lens is fixed lens, the same for example a camera lens with a fixed focal length and cannot be zoomed.

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Just like photography, the or absence of light has a huge effect on video quality. The best lighting of natural light, such as sunlight.

But the sun doesn’t shine for a full 24 hours, right? Therefore, you permanently need another light source to illuminate the object in your video.

It is not recommended to turn on the flash to illuminate the object in the video, because it will create the front as very clear, the ad interim background will be dark. You can add extended lights such as using portable LED lights. Artificial light is sold freely in the market using an affordable price. For better audio quality, insert an external microphone

After thoroughly discussing the visuals, now switch to audio. Recording video with a smartphone produces a sound that tends to be “what it is”. For example, when you record a vlog on the side of the road, other sounds will enter & disturbing. For example, the sound of people conversing, the sound of machines or mount horns and so on.

To avoid interrupting, insert an external microphone that can be connected to the smartphone directly. This microphone can capture sound using both and form clear sound results. With the donation of an external microphone, you do not need to bother editing to reduce noise in audio! Not everything is suitable for slow motion.

Some smartphone brands include the option of recording video using slow motion mode. The goal is to add dramatic effects and make the video even cooler. But, don’t overuse it, because not all things are suitable for slow motion. You can record slow motion videos to capture movements that escape according to the eyes.

Conversely, there is a timelapse feature on some smartphones. The goal is inversely proportional to using slow motion. Timelapse is useful for speeding up videos and showing changes that occur. For example, the sky changes at dusk, according to the sky that is still detailed and becomes dim, then slowly as dark.

Well, that’s 7 tips for recording video on a smartphone like someone who is already professional. Don’t wait, just exclusively grab a cell phone & practice!

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