7 Tricks to Speed Up Downloads on PC /Smartphone

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Activities in global virtual are very compound. For example, through the website of Qwords friends can play social media, read interesting news articles and stream videos or audio that are famous. In addition, we can also download archives according to the internet.

Files that can be downloaded according to the internet are very diverse, ranging from video files, audio, books, applications and others as much as possible. Unfortunately, the time of downloading archives sometimes we find obstacles in data transfer speeds. Data that should be completed downloaded for a few hours only, not infrequently even completed in a few hours because of some things.7 Tricks How to Speed Up Downloads Guaranteed Anti Lemot7 Tricks How to Speed Up Downloads On PC or Smartphone

Download archives into daily activities that are commonly done by smartphone or PC users. Especially if everyday is required to work processing and managing data on a computer. So that the downloading activity smoothly without obstacles, follow some of the following suggestions are: 1.Use the Best Operator

In recent years, the digital industry in the country has grown. PC and smartphone users are getting more and more. The problem is, the more poly people who use the internet network creates a reduced data download speed. Especially if you are used to using a WiFi network in a residence with other family members. The solution to avoid these conditions is to choose a qualified internet service provider operator. Choose the operator that has the best reputation, especially in the features of download and internet access.2.Approach devices with Internet Internet Sources

How to increase the speed of download next is by bringing the device closer to the internet source. This point only applies if shabat Qwords accesses the internet using WiFi.

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For example, Qwords friends have a 3-story residence and install WiFi devices on the first floor. For the fastest internet access and download, do it on the first floor where the WiFi source is located. if the Qwords friend forces himself to download files based on the 3rd floor, it is possible that the grand downloading process will not be complete.tiga.Take advantage of Chrome PrefetchGoogle Chrome logo

If the archive download process is still permanently slow, try how to speed up downloads using Chrome Prefetch. This feature may have drawbacks because it can only be used in the Google Chrome browser.

How to activate this feature is not difficult, Qwords friends just need to go to the Google Chrome browser and move the cursor to the top of the page in the right corner. There is a point 3 icon. Click the icon and enable “use a prediction service to load pages more quickly”4.Remove Unnecessary Extensioncloud download

This method is believed to increase the ability of Google Chrome to access the internet while downloading the desired file. How to remove it is almost as easy as how to activate Chrome Prefetch. Qwords friends only need to access Google Chrome and select the dot three icon. Instead of specifying the settings, please select the more tools feature then extensions. After page extensions open, please select the archive that is not needed by clicking check (enabled) and then select delete.5.Take advantage of Flash Plugin Clickklik

Limitations in data download speed can also be caused by the number of ads in the window. To avoid the non-fun requirement, please enable the flash plugin click feature.

This feature makes video ads or other content restrained on an interim basis. New ads will appear when Ansahabat Qwords gives an agreed order. How to activate it is very easy, open Google Chrome select the dot symbol 3 and then go to the settings menu. From the settings dish, select the “show advanced settings” dish on the left and then the Qwords friend will be taken to the privacy and security page to choose the content settings feature.

In the feature, there are many icons that arise but focus on finding flash icons. Select flash & activate. That’s how to increase the download speed through flash click plugin, you must try.

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In addition to spending a lot of data quota, downloading many archives simultaneously also creates a very long download process. Smart way to overcome this, just use downloading the archive that you need first then stack it using files that are not so important.

Qwords friends who like to download videos are also surprised to do the same. Download one by one files until the first video is completed just continue using the video to 2 & onwards.7.Delete Browsing History In Browser

Slow or fast a browser on downloading archives can also be caused by the number of search history that is not managed accurately. It would be nice to delete the browsing history on your PC or smartphone before downloading the archive. Don’t let Qwords friends let search history accumulate for days, months even in the term of the year.

For some people, keeping interesting information is a fun activity. After the file is downloaded, we can also open it at any time there is no need to worry about quotas or internet access anymore. Diego VPN

So that the download activity is not interrupted or failed, follow all the ways to increase the download speed described above.  Do one trick after another and look at the changes. If the downloading process has not run well, Qwords friends can try the next trick, namely by utilizing a VPN or Virtual Private Network.

Since the past, VPNs have been widely used to increase the speed of internet connection because it uses private encryption lines. As for the choice of services and prices, you can determine the synchronous needs through the Diego VPN package that can be obtained starting according to Rp26 thousand per month.

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