Don’t try! These 9 Smartphone Tricks by Professional Spies

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The sophistication of smartphones now allows users to do a variety of activities only through the grip. Various features and implementations that exist do allow us to do so. In fact, we can be anything we want to only use a smartphone, one of which is a spy.

Yes. You can be a spy like you watch in movies just by utilizing the sophistication of a smartphone and using specific tricks. For that, this time Jaka will love you tips about nine smartphone tricks that can make you a professional spy.


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Badly damaged! These are the three most dangerous tricks for computers9 Smartphone Tricks by Professional Spy1. Night Vision

You certainly not infrequently watch spies who use night vision goggles in scenes in movies. The glasses were worn to be able to see in the super dark at night. By using applications such as Night Vision Flashlight Thermo (Play Store) or Night Eyes (App Store), you can create your smartphone with night vision capabilities. Hidden Portraits

When you do not touch the smartphone at all, of course there will be no one who suspects or thinks if you photograph them using your smartphone. You can do this by using an old headset or headphone series that still has buttons. The button you can use to take photos silently. Wireless CCTV

CCTV is indeed one of the security devices that are the mainstay at this time. But, the existence of CCTV must have been realized because it is generally located in the corner of the room sky. To create an ‘invisible’ CCTV, you can use a smartphone. How to use applications such as CCTV Mobile (Play Store) or Surveillance App: video surveillance system (App Store). Knife Credit Card

This trick actually requires additional accessories. The knife credit card itself. Credit cards that are at once this folding knife are now poly sold online. By sticking it on a smartphone, you successfully add one more collection of spy equipment. Computer Controller

Take control of your personal computer or laptop using a smartphone? The full way you can learn in this article. You are able to monitor, find out, to control the data on the computer or laptop to go without the owner knowing. Move Control

Often see spies who are reluctant to touch exclusive devices for fear of leaving fingerprints? You can do it on your smartphone. By using implementations such as Wave Control (Play Store & App Store), you are able to unlock and control the smartphone with hand movements without touching it. Incognito

Incognito is a term derived from latin which is “unrecognized”. To be a spy, your identity to existence must not be known to others. You can apply it to browsing activities on smartphones. With the implementation of Hide My Ass, you are able to receive a perdeo VPN & IP address you are guaranteed not to be tracked. Alarm Super

The alarm here is not an alarm to wake you up according to sleep. This alarm is for the security of your smartphone. By using implementations such as Don’t Touch My Phone, you can make the smartphone make extra loud noises when unknown people touch it. Alternative Numbers Without SIM Cards

Still for the sake of maintaining identity confidentiality, you are able to use the My Sideline application to create an alternative number on a smartphone without the obligation to use a SIM card. Amazingly, the number of other ways can be used like ordinary numbers, namely for telephone, SMS and so on. End of Words

Those are the nine tricks of a professional spy smartphone. Have you ever tried one of them? Or just know all the tricks above? Do not hesitate to immediately try it & feel the sensation like a professional spy.

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