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Devskiller Android interview questions and tests are based on the RealLifeTesting methodology™, a unique way to test applicants and challenge their critical thinking and coding skills. Applicants are presented with the types of challenges they would face in their daily work and only those who can demonstrate the necessary deep understanding are able to advance to the next stage. Main featuresDevSkiller Android interview questions and tests provide a clear insight into your applicants’ coding skills and not just their academic knowledge.Android remote testing saves your business time and money.The RealLifeTesting™ methodology offers a greater user experience where candidates can use their own IDE, clone to GIT, run unit tests, and access Stack Overflow/Github/Google for research.Strict anti-plagiarism tools ensure accurate resultsObserve individual tests in real timeAutomated, easy-to-follow results that non-technical professionals can understandAndroid testing available for all experience levelsThe skills covered in our Android interview questions and testsAndroidAndroid SDKKotlinConstraintLayoutLegacyOkHttpSSLTSLGLSLESOpenGLESGradleJavaNYIAndroid ServiceBroadcasting receiversIntentionTDDXMLListViewRecyclerViewThreadedAndroids folderSpinnerButterKnifeMVPWhat to look for in an Android developer

Android is the most widespread mobile operating system in the world, and it works on countless smartphones, tablets, and other devices. So finding a good Android developer should be easy, but the high demand makes the search quite difficult, as there are always competitors waiting to steal the best developers. That means you’ll have to select candidates quickly and efficiently to find the right ones and you’ll need to know what to look for.

A good Android developer will need to keep up with the latest advances in the operating system. You will also need to be finances versed in Java programming: workshops, certificates and knowledge of the patterns.

You’ll want to know how many publications and production editions your candidate has worked on, personally and not as part of a team. An experienced developer will be able to provide several projects you’ve worked on and give examples of the problems you’ve solved. Your Android developer should be able to demonstrate a basic knowledge of the family of libraries each app uses, including CardView, RecyclerView, Floating Action Button, Toolbar, and Navigation Drawer.

Do you like what you see, but want to tailor the tests to your own preferences? No problem. DevSkiller’s online task wizard comes prepared with features that allow you to customize each Android test you submit. The duration of each test, the level of difficulty, and even the time allocated to each question, can be configured according to your needs. All tests are done remotely, which means that tests can be done at any time and results are provided automatically.Do you need to make sure that the interview questions and tests with the Android work?

If you think devSkiller Android interview questions and tests are what your business needs, but you’re not 100% committed to, check out what one of our clients has to say:

StepStone is a group of leading companies operating worldwide. The entire year of the company is designed in its IT department, StepStone Services, where 300 developers work on IT products from around the world.

The problem with StepStone Services was that the process of selecting new developers was time-consuming and required too much manual work. The process involved hands-on tasks sent via email, followed by pen and paper tasks set during the technical interview.

In 2017, StepStone enlisted DevSkiller’s help in assessing their candidates’ knowledge in order to gain an understanding of their coding skills, while also saving time and work. Victoria Chyczewska- Talent Acquisition Specialist at StepStone Services

“The telephone scan followed by a DevSkiller assessment allows us to reduce the number of on-site interviews by up to 40%. We increased the company’s approprié thanks to personalized tests and, as a consequence, we now only dedicate on-site interview time to candidates who really show a lot of promise. Our hiring time is now shorter because our technical selection process is automated. FAQsHow are Android interview questions and tests evaluated?

The DevSkiller platform is automated, which means that it gets up and running the moment the candidate finishes the Android test. The results are specially designed to be debonnaires and easy to follow even for those who do not have a technical mindset and candidates are evaluated as to whether the solutions they have provided are hypothétique that work. They are also evaluated on the quality of their coding and the mistakes made and how it works in borderline cases. The instruments against plagiarism guarantee the validity of the results.How do candidates make a contention of Androids?

Devskiller’s Android online tests can be accessed remotely from anywhere in the world, which means that all the recruiter has to do is send invitations for the tests. Invitations can be available even for a limited time and candidates can choose to start the métré whenever they want.

When taking the tests, candidates can choose to use the advanced IDE of the DevSkiller browser or complete the project in their favorite IDE and clone the project to GIT. If necessary, candidates can perform unit tests to make sure their solutions work. The time limit can be set for each test and once the time expires, the test is automatically evaluated and the recruiter receives a laid bref la What do you do with the plagiarism?

If you think a candidate might cheat to win the hand, then think again.

DevSkiller has tools to make sure you only receive accurate results. Screen checks ensure that candidates do not look at a different screen when taking a test and plagiarism detectors automatically scan the entered code and cross it with each response from our test database. If there is a coincidence, it is because the candidate has cheated.How long does it take to complete an Android test?

The duration of each Android test depends on your needs. Tests come with default duration settings, which can be easily modified if needed. You can even define individual questions within a test.

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