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Excellent63%Great8%Average3%Poor2% Bad24persenWarningWarning, do not buy from this place! Total scam! So the description say to unlock a Verizon phone for $20 something dollars. Once you pay for it , it goes through till the next day saying it’s verified and you owe another $30 to finalized it. That was never stated that we will have to pay additional fees. The price they post are not the actual price people!! Well I went ahead and paid it because I’ve already paid for it ,some bs checker they are claiming. dua-3 days later came back and said it can’t be unlocked all they refunded was the 2nd charge and not the first charge. That’s the fee for the carrier checker. This is the only place I know of that does this. I’ve been unlocking phones for 24 year and I have never seen any other place charges like this. These checkers are either free or a few dollars to submit. And they charge a arm and leg just to check and make money either way if it gets unlocked or not! So beware, I would never use them again! Total scam! Scammer thieves

Scammer thievesdoctor unlock and iphone imei and direct unlocks are all operated with same class of thieves and the sametheft process:1. Eligibilitycheck which is for non refundable £29 and amazingly always a success so 29 is stolen from you and you can buy dua.99 to lima usd max in other sites to get the same result. dua. The second theft is the final unlocking fees which is 30£ and the auto generated response after tiga days fake waiting periodFor the iCloud unlock the response is always the phone is stolen or lost which doesn’t appear in the eligibility tests!!! For the network unlock the unlocking is almost for free when you contact the carrier yourself !!! There is nothing in the world called unlock server for iCloud unlock

Please please please don’t ever try icloud unlock , you will regret for lifeOnly use paid service to check the carrier when the phone is network locked and use it to contact the carrier your self and get it unlocked for free or very cheap amountThose are criminals Simply when you fail to provide the service money is refunded but those criminals steal your moneyThey don’t have pay pal payment option because they are thieves andthieves don’t have safe payment optionI challenge them here if they have any proof they have unlocking server or they ever unlock icloud locked iphoneWish I could give -10Wish I could give -10. Stay away. ITS A SCAM! Do not believe any good reviews. They are planted & are lies. They keep asking you for more money & telling you they are very close & working on it & then they disappear… with your money. SCAMMING THIEVES!! Its a scamIts a scam. You get charged twice and the phone still doesn’t get unlockedTwice the price of a local service and… Twice the price of a local service and hiddens costs,not illegal but just a bit sneaky,extra costs are in a small dropdown box which is easily missed. I only used this service as they strongly hinted at a fast service but actually took longer my local phone store promised. they have said I will get ten pounds back if I leave a review… lets see if that happens! Cheapest PriceMy iphone is unlocked in a few days’ time. They have the cheapest price I’ve seen :)I wonder who are these guys who praise… I wonder who are these guys who praise these bandits. Can the be some of themselves? They don’t even have a phone number or a descent e mail address. Once you paid, they disappear! AvoidThey get you to pay a small amount for “unlocking” then they send an email saying that you still owe them another £100ish. Oh, and the small amount is non refundable. Just avoid them !! Plenty of cheaper and better services out thereThese are the scammers You are as dishonest as you are characterless, you deceive the people and steal their money, I send you so many e-mails, you don’t even send an informative mail. These are the scammers you know, the first price they wanted was $29.99, then I got an e-mail saying it wouldn’t work. They said it would be 30 pounds if you gave it more, I gave it, this figure was £99.99, neither a refund nor a device they opened, don’t approach, theseSuccessful release of activation lock for iPhone 12 Pro.Translated English. The activation lock of iPhone12 Pro was successfully released. Looking at the reputation, I thought it was a scam and gave up, but the lock was released brilliantly. This is the real thing. It’s been about 3 days since I requested it. I felt suspicious when the additional charge came, but there is no duduk perkara.

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