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1. What two location data sources can location apps use to determine the position of a mobile device? (Choose two.)

Explanation: In addition to GPS, mobile device location apps can use cell towers and WiFi access points to determine the position of a mobile device. The device’s sandbox, remote lock, or app source (Play Store or iTunes) are other features and functions related to security and app downloading.2. What are the two differences between iOS and Android? (Choose two.)

iOS uses an All Apps button, while Android uses a Home button.

iOS has a physical home button, but Android uses navigation icons.

On iOS, an app’s icon represents the app itself. Deleting the icon on iOS deletes the app. On Android, the home screen icon is a shortcut to the app.

On iOS, récitatif apps can appear on screens, while on Android, apps can appear on screens and folders.

On iOS, folders are created by dragging one bref app another, but on Android, folders must be created from the home screen menu.

Explanation: Apple iOS devices have a physical home button that has many uses. One of the uses of the Home button is the navigation dans lequel screens. Android uses navigation icons instead of a physical home button. Also, just like a Windows operating system, apps on Android are represented by icons that are shortcuts to the actual app. On iOS, icons are apps. Deleting an icon on Android removes the shortcut. Without chauffeuse, the entire app is removed from an iOS device when its icon is removed.3. What are the two purposes of the password lock feature on mobile devices? (Choose two.)

to help prevent theft of private information

to prevent unauthorized use of the device

to erase all personal data from the device

to return the device to the factory default state

to restore and resync the device

to remotely lock the device if it is stolen

Explanation: The password lock feature on mobile devices helps prevent the theft of private information and places the device in a power-saving state. Typically, personal data will not be erased from some mobile devices unless the number of failed password login attempts exceeds a threshold. Remote lock allows you to lock the device from a remote location. A factory reset returns the device to the unique operating state when it was first purchased. Various applications, such as email or cloud storage, can provide synchronization capabilities so that you can restore and resynchronize information such as user data, contacts, and email on a mobile device. And other device functions and actions.4. See the exhibition.

IT Essentials v7.0 Chapter 12 Exam AnswersWhat two statements are true concis the displayed mobile operating system screen? (Choose two.)

The area bounded by the red rectangle contains navigation icons.

The highlighted area shows processes and indicators in the background.

This is a Windows Phone screen.

This is an Android display.

Explanation: The highlighted area shows the navigation icons of the Android operating system. From left to right, they are Back, Home, and Recent Apps.5. What two methods are commonly used to remove the default restrictions and protections added to mobile operating systems? (Choose two.)

Explanation: Mobile operating systems are typically protected by a number of software restrictions. Rooting and jailbreaking are two methods to remove the restrictions and protections added to mobile operating systems. They are a means of circumventing the usual operation of the device’s operating system to obtain superuser or root administrator permissions.6. A Linux administrator wants to back up current files to a data directory and store them in a new directory on another disk. What two commands would be needed? (Choose two.)

Explanation: The mkdir command is used to create the new directory and the cp command is used to copy files from one directory to another.7. A file called new_resume has the following file permissions: rw-rx – x. What two facts can be determined a sèchement of these permissions? (Choose two.)

The user has full access to the file.

Group members have read and execute access to the file.

Other people have read and executed access to the file.

Group members can modify the file.

The user can read and modify the file.

Other people do not have access to the file.

Explanation: Each file is assigned read, write, and execute permissions. Permissions are listed in groups of three. The first group of three permissions refers to users, the second refers to members of the group, and the third refers to others. The first position of each of the three permissions is the read permission or R, the second is the write permission or W, and the third is the execute permission or X. If any position has a hyphen, the associated group does not have permission for that category. In lithuanien case, the user has read and write access (rw-). The members of the group have read and executed the access (rx). Other chant people have executed the access ( –x) .8. What is a good source to download Android apps safely?

Explanation: Google Play ensures that the app is acceptable with the mobile device and is a trusted source of apps.9. What do apps represent in the Windows Phone interface?

Explanation: The Windows Phone operating system uses tiles to render applications. Tiles are rectangles that can display active content. When tapped, they open the associated app. Tiles can be resized to clear screens and reflect the relative importance of the application.10. What is the result of doing a factory reset on a mobile device?

The operating system will be updated with the latest updates and patches.

All user data and settings will be deleted.

The operating system will be deleted and all user data will be transferred to the cloud.

A full backup of the device is made and all ciguë and malware are removed.

Explanation: After a factor reset, a mobile device is left in the same state it was in when it left the factory. The développement of the operating system would not be modified, but all user data, settings, and third-party applications would be deleted. Backups must be performed before a factory reset. Updates or patches can be made to the operating system before or after the factory reset.11. What is the name of the Virtual Assistant or binaire of Windows Phone 8.1?

Explanation: Siri is the well-known dichotomique or virtual assistant that is désoeuvré on iOS. Windows Phone also has a numérique assistant. It’s called Cortana.12. What are Wi-Fi Calling?

a method used to send apps to smartphones

a convenient way to make payments securely and alternately with mobile devices

a government emergency alert service for smartphones

a way to make mobile phone calls over a wireless data network

a method to share data chez two mobile devices

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